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The 2022 Iowa State Fair Best New Food Finalists Have Been Named

What a fun afternoon I had today!!! I was a judge for the 2022 Iowa State Fair Best New Food competition. 53 new foods will be available to try at this year's Iowa State Fair. A panel of judges were able to try the top 10 semi-finalists. Out of these ten delicious creations, we were able to determine the top 3 finalists!

Now, it's up to YOU to try them and determine the winner at this year's fair!!

The three finalists are...

OMG Chicken by Chicken City. The chicken is coated in Frosted Flakes then put between a Krispy Kreme donut!!! It's incredible. Oh yeah, they throw some bacon on it, too, and some maple syrup.

OMG Chicken by Chicken City

Another finalist is the Picnic in a Cup. I did give this 10/10! It's corn chips topped with baked beans, coleslaw, and a delicious piece of pork belly!!!!! OMG!!! Unreal. This will be available at the Iowa Pork Tent.

Picnic In a Cup by the Iowa Pork Tent

The third finalist is the Finished by the Rib Shack. Basically, it's a giant baked potato topped with all the deliciousness at Rib Shack like brisket, sour cream and Ohhhh the Mac n' Cheese!!! Amazingness!!!

The Finisher by Rib Shack

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