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Common Beauty Product Mistakes

I subscribe to what seems like every beauty box. I have more make up and skincare than I need, honestly. And now i'm finding out that i'm not even using the products they send me properly!

Mama Mia has a list of beauty products a lot of us are using wrong. For one thing, the beauty blenders we use to put on foundation. They should be damp to spread foundation more evenly.

Dry shampoo? The bottle says we should spray 6 inches away, but do you listen? I don't. We should. Divide hair in sections, spray from 6 inches away and wait a minute before blending with your fingertips. Spraying your scalp directly will lead to build up and flakes!

Moisturizer. We know we should apply directly after the shower, but, also, did you know you should not rub it in? Nope. That causes extra friction your skin doesn't need. We should be patting our moisturizer into our skin.

Face oils. I have some, but I do not know how to use them properly! A good rule of thumb is to apply lightest to heaviest. If you have a light oil, apply before your heavier moisturizer. If you have a lighter moisturizer, apply a heavier oil first.

Concealer! Did you know we should be using two shades? Whaaaa? One shade to brighten under our eyes and the other to cover blemishes. Is this why my blemishes never seem covered?

Eyebrow pencils! Experts say if you have dark hair, to avoid looking like you draw your eyebrows on, you should use an eye pencil two shades lighter. If you have light hair, go two shades darker.

And eye lash curlers! Always use BEFORE you apply mascara.

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