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The Six Types Of Self-Care

A self-care strategist named Alisha has ideas we can all use for Self-Care Awareness month. Taking stock of our self-care is a great thing right now as we end Summer and transition into Fall.

Alisha Reed says the six types of self-care are: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and practical. She has tips on how to do all of them.

Physical self-care involves things like working out and skin care. Add as much physical activity as you can handle, even start small and build. I like to attach a reward to working out. If I work out, I allow myself time to soak in the tub with a face mask and book.

Mental self-care involves stimulating the brain with Wordle or checking out a new art exhibit. Try something new! Des Moines has a great arts community!!!

Emotional self-care is taking stock of our emotions. How are you feeling? Do you need to get your emotions out? Journaling is very helpful with this.

Spiritual self-care involves connecting our inner being. This can be accomplished with meditation, yoga or affirmations.

Social self-care involes the needed socialization we need to survive! Take time to text a friend a joke or go to brunch with the girls on Sunday!

Practical self-care is all about doing the things that make your life easier. Meal prepping on Sundays is a form of practical self-care. Budgeting your month is another form of practical self-care.

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