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Relationship Thursday: Scary Questions To Ask Your Significan Other

Laurel House is a Relationship Expert with EHarmony. She says there are "scary" questions we should be asking our significant others to determine if they are "the one." She says these questions will figure out the 3Cs of long term relationships: Clarity, Confidence and Conversation.

Some of these important, albeit, scary questions are:

What is your purpose for dating right now?

What are your priorities in life?

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

How do you feel when you're weak or scared? Laurel says often the response is to freeze, flee or fight.

What makes you sad, angry, or insecure? How do you want your partner to help with those emotions? This will help you figure out your partner's emotional triggers.

Tell me about your last relationship.

What is a non-starter for you? This has to do with their beliefs.

You may not get the answers you seek, but you will get clarity no matter what happens!

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