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Relationship Thursday: Are You The Rebound?

Do you suspect you could be the rebound in your relationship? Experts say there are some tell-tale warning signs...

For example:

Have you not met your partner's family or friends? This could be a sign that they are not committed to your relationship?

Do they run hot and cold? Are they really into you one minute and cool off the next? You could be the rebound.

Here's an obvious one... did they just get out of a relationship? You probably are the rebound.

Do they talk about their ex all the time? That's a huge sign they aren't over that relationship and you are the rebound.

Are they emotionally unavailable? This is a big sign. They just aren't invested in you because you are the rebound. You deserve someone who is emotionally available to you.

The focus of the relationship is sex. Do they not take you out? Court you. You're probably the rebound.

It's hard, but know your worth and find the person who will be emotionally available to you!

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