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Relationship Thursday: How To Get Someone To Love You Back

It's the worst pain when you love someone and they don't share your feelings. If that's going on with you, move on. However, maybe you have figured out that you love someone or could love someone, psychologists say there is a way to help love grow between two people.

A psychologist says when three things are present, there is potential for love. The three things are attraction, lust and attachment. If you can make these three things work, there is great potential for love!

How do you do this?

Deepen intimacy: share vulnerable moments together.

Body language: Touch is powerful as is eye contact.

Get Uncomfortable: Experience things out of your comfort zone together, that's a great way to bring each other shared, powerful experiences.

Remain your own person: No one will fall for a fake. Be genuine. Always. They must accept you for who you are.

Understand their need: The way you show up for them in the way they need you to will go a long way.

Acts of Kindness: Small acts of kindness are often remembered.

Be patient. Love takes time...

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