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Monday Motivation Minute: Get Back On Track After Spring Break

Today's Monday Motivation Minute is rather personal... for me. I spent a week in Mexico last week and I return today after a lot of indulgence. I had the best laid plan: be active, watch what I ate and drank, fill my soul with fresh seafood and vegetables, drink water. Well.... after a few resort vodka sodas, other drinks started sounding good. The shrimp tacos that were being served, maybe, were breaded. The bottled water wasn't plentiful. I mean, where in Des Moines can you get a jalapeno margarita?! Suffice it to say, I overindulged and lived life!

Here's the thing... now that i'm back, I have two choices, I can continue to indulge in rich, breaded foods, or I can use the tools in my tool belt to get back on track. I didn't lose over 80 pounds overnight, and I didn't gain it overnight either. I'm choosing to use the tools that helped me lose weight get me back on track.

-I'm back to drinking at least 8 cups of water per day

-My goal is to consume over 3 cups of veggies per day (a salad is on the menu for lunch today!)

-I'm going back to the gym STAT!

-I'm limiting alcohol.

-I'm limiting or extinguishing sugar from my diet.

-I'm relying on protein.

I got this... and so do you! Don't let a week of living your life derail your progress!

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